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Things start to unravel for the people of Egypt as Moshe, Aharon and God begin sending plagues on to the Egyptians.

1.       Why is Moshe hesitant to speak to Bnei Yisrael?

Moshe had a speech impediment. (6:12)

2.       Does God think the redemption of the Jews would be easy?

No, God says he will harden Pharoah’s heart. (7:3)

3.       How many plagues, and which ones, are seen in this parshah?

Seven: blood, frogs, lice, swarm of wild beasts, livestock epidemic, boils and hail.

4.       How many days was the Nile turned to blood?

7 days (7:25)

5.       Where did Moshe say the frogs, from the second plague, would go?

Pharaoh’s palace, bedroom, bed, servants’ quarters, your people, into ovens and kneading bowls. (7:28)

6.       What turns into the lice that afflict Egypt?

Aharon hits the dust of the land. (8:12)

7.       Where did the lice avoid going?

They did not swarm Goshen (where the Jews lived). (8:18)

8.       What is the first thing God begins to kill during the plagues?

Egypt’s livestock. (9:3)

9.       What does God instruct Moshe take to throw in the air to turn into boils?

Soot from a furnace. (9:8)

10.   What was so unique about the hail that fell on Egypt?

There was fire in the pieces of hail. (9:24)