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This week we’re following Yaakov’s life as he leaves his father’s home and begins a family of his own.

1. What does Yaakov see in his dream?

A ladder going up to the skies with angels going up and coming down. (28:12)

2. What did Yaakov name the site of his dream?

Beit El. (28:19)

3. What did Yaakov do when he first saw Rachel?

He rolled the very heavy stone off of the mouth of the well. (29:10)

4. How long did Yaakov first work for Rachel?

Yaakov agreed to work for 7 years in order to marry Rachel. (29:18)

5. Who did Yaakov end up marrying first?

Leah, Rachel’s older sister. (29:23)

6. Which sister could not have children?

Rachel. (30:1)

7. Name Leah’s children.

Reuven, Shimon, Levi, Yehuda, Issachar, Zevulun, Dinah.

8. Why does Yaakov choose to leave Lavan after Yosef is born?

Yaakov wants to return to his homeland. (30:25)

9. Who stole Lavan’s household idols?

Rachel. (31:19)

10. Overall, how many years did Yaakov spend with Lavan?

Twenty. (31:38)