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This week’s Torah portion gives us the much-anticipated reunion between Yosef and his brothers and ultimately, Yosef and his father, Yaakov.

1. Who approaches Yosef to intercede on Binyamin’s behalf?

Yehuda. (44:18)

2. What is the first question Yosef asks when he reveals his identity to his brothers?

“I am Yosef. Is my father still alive?” (45:3)

3. Why does Yosef invite his family down to live in Egypt?

There are still five more years left of the famine. (45:6)

4. What does Yosef send down to Canaan to greet his father?

Ten donkeys filled with the best of the foods of Egypt, ten female donkeys laden with food. (45:23)

5. What land will Yaakov and his children settle in?

Goshen. (45:10)

6. What does Hashem say to Yaakov the night before he leaves Beer Sheeba for Egypt?

Do not be afraid of going down to Egypt. I will make you into a great nation there. And I will make sure you will come back to Canaan. (46:3)

7. How many people went down to Egypt?

Seventy. (46:27)

8. Where does Yosef meet Yaakov?

In the land of Goshen. (46:28)

9. How old is Yaakov when he comes down to Egypt?

130. (47:9)

10. How does Yosef manage to become so successful in Egypt?

People trade in their money, then their cattle and then their land for food during the famine. (47:14-19)