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Way before the now famous Darth Vader superbowl commercial (which, if you somehow managed to miss it, is here, I had two boys dressing up as Darth Vader this Purim. My sister-in-law kindly decked out my 7 year old and 4 year old in full Vader regalia and the boys have been running around the house for months in their costumes.

In the debate of store bought vs. homemade costumes, I would like to fall on the side of homemade. There is always something so much more personal, thought-out and creative in homemade costumes. It’s like a small love letter to your kid. “Sure, I’ll stay up for hours gluing and painting this box until it looks like Optimus Prime,” you want to be saying. But, this year, I’m not.

I think, in the end of things, the costume should be about where your child finds joy and wonderment. This year there is no costume that can eclipse Darth Vader, and to watch my boys excitement and creativity (not to mention reenactments of key battle scenes) is to know that we go it right.

My older two kids are building their own costumes, piece by piece. That has left me with many trips to the mall, many fittings and much excitement. I’ll be honest, I never really understood why a costume designer was given such prominent credit on TV shows or in movies. I get it now.

With my role as costume designer, store-bought costume mom and homemade costume mom slowly coming to a close for the year, I’m pleased to say that the true goal was reached this year: happy kids.

What are your kids wearing this Purim?