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Passover doesn’t end with putting away Passover dishes. There is one final thing that must be done to officially end the holiday: pizza.

After all the dishes are put away and replaced by our year-round kitchen ware, we settle down, close to midnight to revel in pizza. We are not unique in this tradition. In fact, communities across North America (New York, Miami, Houston, Monsey, Denver to name a few) will auction off those first pies (for hundreds of dollars) for charity.

And while the pizza is undoubtedly delicious, it is significant for me in other ways. It is the last time the family gathers together – kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends before heading off their own way. It is the actual last meal of the holiday.

The days after the holiday are consumed with returning to routine – sending the kids back to school, load after load of laundry, shopping and cooking. It’s the final pizza dinner that is my victory run, the final moments of wonderfulnesses that end the holiday.

How does your family end the holiday?