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I am not trying to get you to join Facebook (although it couldn’t hurt).

We have a very lovely fanpage on facebook. There are close to 1600 people following ChallahCrumbs. I always wonder, what makes people answer a post. Sometimes a post will get NO comments, and I wonder, did I word it wrong? Does no one want soup? I’ll take some time to reflect. And sometimes lots of people will comment.

That is, until 5 pm today. Today is the LONG day in my house. My husband gets home late, after all the kids are asleep so I am on mom duty with my 5 kids all afternoon, through homework, dinner, bathtime and bedtime before I sort of collapse. Today one kid was sick and it was a bit cold outside so we were truly housebound all day.

At about 5 pm, I switched on my computer and shot off a quick desperate note on Facebook. It went something like this: “I am looking for ANYTHING that will keep my kids entertained during the pre-dinner hour. Suggestions, please.” And would you know it, within an hour, ten people had written in. Because even if you don’t want soup, the universal truism about raising children is that the hour before dinner is witching hour. And I enjoy the common narrative. I needed to hear that moms and dads everywhere feel the same way. I needed that validation and confirmation. And, to be totally honest, my kids watched TV from 5 to 6 pm tonight (a great show called Fetch which I totally recommend), and I was happy because I know I am not alone. You are all in that boat with me.


Truth time: what do you do with your kids during that crazy final hour before dinner?