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In this week’s Torah’s reading, we are asked not to glean the corners of our fields — including our vineyards.

For this week’s treat, we will glean/collect fallen (dusty!) grapes.  This is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about different ways you can help those who have fallen on hard times. If you haven’t tried to participate in a gleaning project, look into opportunities in your local community. It can be fun (and important!) for whole family!

You can always just serve an assortment of grapes, but if you want to use your grapes as a discussion point, pretend these grapes came straight from the field!


Grapes (choose your favorite!)

Jello powder (choose your favorite!)


  1. Rinse grapes and place in zip-loc bag or container.  Add Jello powder.
  2. Shake/mix until the grapes are well coated.  Freeze. Enjoy!