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This week’s parsha describes in great detail the Priest’s required garments. Among them, “a tunic of checker work.” Here’s our version. All the cool kids will want a tunic like this!

You will need a graham cracker for the body, plus 2 1/4 pieces of graham cracker for the sleeves. The design is made up of multi color strips of candy. You can use Fruit By the Foot, but I opted for Airhead Extremes for that little extra something. To make it stick, you can use frosting or marshmallow fluff. You can cut the candy into squares — I trimmed mine and wove them together.

This is a great opportunity to talk about the age-old adage of “the clothes make the man.” Discuss with your kids why it is so important for the Priest to wear such beautiful clothing. Why is the Torah dictating what should be worn?