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Celebrate Tu B’Shvat with this beautiful homemade centerpiece.


Brown craft foam sheets / Heavy cardboard
Construction paper in red, yellow, orange and green
Tape/ Glue
Black marker


  1. Draw a tree trunk and branches on the brown craft foam
  2. Cut out the tree.
  3. Trace around the tree shape on another piece of brown craft foam.
  4. Cut out the duplicate tree trunk.
  5. Starting at the bottom of the tree trunk cut a slit in the center of the tree. Stop about an inch before the branches of the tree start.
  6. On the other tree trunk cut a slit in the opposite direction, starting in the middle of the branches. Make the slit only about an inch long.
  7. Put the two trees together by sliding them into the slits. Make sure that they are perpendicular to each other. You can make the slits longer so that the bottom of both trees is even.
  8. Cut out leaves from the construction paper.
  9. Tape or glue the leaves onto the tree branches.

*Add sequins to make your tree sparkle!