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This messy project blossoms into a beautiful tree!

Ages 4-10


White or green card stock
Acrylic paint in brown, green, orange, yellow and red
Paint smock


Use brown paint to cover your child’s fingers, palm and forearm. (The younger the child, the more involved you want to be in this process.)

Have your child place his/her arm gently down on the paper. Make sure the fingers are spread out. The hand should be placed in the middle of the paper to give plenty of room for the leaves. Press down on each finger, the palm and forearm. Lift the arm straight up off the paper.

Wash your child.

On a paint palette or plastic plate, put small dabs of green, orange, yellow and red paints. Have your child dip his/her fingertips into the paint. The fingertips are making the leaves around the tree.

*Older kids can add more to their trees. They can paint on grass, flowers and a sky.

* You can “frame” the picture using seasonal colors, framing the tree on a green, red or yellow background.