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On Sale Now: Our Parsha Coloring Book!

We’ve pulled together all of our Parsha coloring pages in one super user-friendly coloring book.

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TableTalk: Noah

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In this week’s parsha, God saves Noah, after destroying the rest of the world with a flood. Although God clearly thinks Noah is a worthy individual, it takes another 10 generations until God chooses Abraham, the person with whom He’d like to make a covenant to build a special nation.

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Parsha Craft: Noah. Rainbow Necklaces.

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Introduction: This week’s parsha, Parshat Noach, has very colorful craft potential! After the devastating flood, God promises Noah that he will never destroy the world in this way again. As a sign of this covenant, He places a rainbow in the clouds. All rainbow-related crafts are great for this parsha. But, kids will especially love dyeing their own pasta, stringing it, and wearing it this week.

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Podcast: Sukkot: Gas Tanks and Small Huts.

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This week we look at new beginnings, small huts and how to spend forced quality family time.

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Podcast: Rosh HaShana: Looking Back with Joy

Introspection surrounding the holidays is often about our inequities and things we can improve upon. Wouldn't it be nice to focus on the good we've done?  

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Seven Ways To Help You Through Cooking for Rosh HaShana

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With the holiday season about to hit, here’s all you need to be prepared. (I may be overstating things just a bit.)

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A Rosh HaShana Apple Candy Bar

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An adorable (and delicious) way to end your Rosh Hashana meal.

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Rosh HaShana Centerpieces: Toilet Paper Roll Apples

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Things have been a little apple-centric in our home these past few days. Here is yet another easy and fabulous apple craft. This one can be used as Rosh HaShana centerpieces or decoration.

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Appletastic! Getting Ready for Rosh HaShana with a taste test

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  Looking for creative ways to start talking about Rosh HaShana? Look no further than our apple taste-off!

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Summer Cherry-Mint Quinoa Salad

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Cherries and mint make for a healthy, tasty and refreshing combination in this quinoa dish.

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Alphabet Art

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This is a great and creative way to explore the Hebrew alphabet. This piece of art is colorful, educational and a great way to learn your Aleph Bet!

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