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Looking for creative ways to start talking about Rosh HaShana? Look no further than our apple taste-off!

Leading into the festival of apples and honey, my son recently asked me how many different types of apples there are. I thought red, green, that pink lady apple. I figured maybe 20 different types. Turns out I was only off by 7,480. That’s within the margin of error, no?

Happily, he came up with a wonderful afternoon activity. Hence the Great Apple Taste Off. We’ll be sampling 8 or 9 different types of apples to see which will win the coveted spot at our Rosh HaShana table. Each child will be awarding the apples 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. With some very scientific calculations we should be able to pick a winner.

It’s easy enough to try at home. Buy a bunch of apples, slice them up, if you’re very dedicated you can buy some blue ribbons to award to the winning apples!

It’s a great way to start getting your children excited about Rosh HaShana.