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With Purim here in a few short weeks, our friends at Karben Publishing are sharing a few of the titles on their Purim bookshelf. Read more here.

thumbnailBarnyard Purim, written by Kelly Terwilliger and illustrated by Barbara Johansen Newman tells the story of Purim with a twist. The barnyard animals in Farmer Max’s barn decide to perform a Purim play. Taking on the roles of Queen Esther, King Ahasheurus, Mordechai and Haman, the Barnyard Animals’ play is going great until the fox intervenes.

Barnyard Purim is a good way to review the story of Purim with young kids.




thumbnail-2Sammy Spider’s First Purim allows us to discover Purim through the more here eyes of Sammy Spider. Sammy learns about making costumes, baking hamantaschen and using a grogger by watching Josh Shapiro and his family prepare for Purim. Written by Sylvia A. Rouss with fabulous illustrations by Katherine Janus Kahn this will definitely be a favorite holiday read.





thumbnail-3Told in rhyme, The Queen Who Saved Her People, retells the Purim story. With vibrant illustrations by Ilene Richard and           written by Tilda Balsley, the book is a great way to encourage your kids to act out the Purim story. There is a sense of humor and levity throughout the story that will entertain readers both young and old.