Pomegranate Fizz

Who says pomegranates are just for eating?   One of these days I hope to become a certified mixologist. Still, I’m pretty good with putting together delicious cocktails.   Here’s one that’s sure to please your adult crowd on Rosh HaShanah (and all year round)!

Thanksgiving Drinks

It’s Thanksgiving. Your table is set and your dinner – Turkey, stuffing, sides and all – are ready to be served. But now you want to add to that air of festivity – a warm drink? Something sparkly? The perfect wine accompaniment? Here are some good options:

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Lite Strawberry Smoothie

So much of what I make is “family friendly.” Rarely do I make something just to indulge myself. Enter this diet strawberry smoothie. It’s made with frozen strawberries (so you never have to worry if they are in season), fresca, sugar-free jello powder and ice.  When my kids see me break out the blender and the ingredients for this guilt-free treat, they know that it’s “Eemee time”, because of all of my special treats, this is one that I won’t share with them.

A Purim Martini

Why not start your festive Purim meal with a classic Martini?

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This great fruity drink will deceive you! Sip slowly or you may get a little too woozy a little too quickly!

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Achashverosh’s After Dinner Amaretto Tea

Achashverosh was a notorious insomniac. When cuddling with his favorite teddy bear under his fluffy blanket failed, he was known to summon his diary and his favorite drink! Ok, maybe I embellished the story as told in the Megillah a bit, but this after dinner drink is certainly fit for a king!

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The Queen Esther

Imagine Queen Esther holding court in her flowing royal purple robes, a golden crown sitting atop her head. Now you know the inspiration behind our own Queen Esther cocktail!

Creamy Vodkanilla

Refreshing and smooth. A perfect dairy cocktail to end your dairy meal.

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Hot Apple Cider

Chilly outside? Here’s how to make apple cider the perfect drink
for an indoor day!

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Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Peanut Butter. Chocolate.

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