Personal Parsha: Shmini. Aharon’s Silence

In this week’s parsha, we have a tragedy that defies our understanding. After the week of orientation/inauguration for the tabernacle, the priests, Nadav and Avihu – Aharon’s sons – do something wrong (it is not clear whether they violated a rule, or just did something not commanded or overstepped their role) and God strikes them down. They die on the spot. Everyone’s in shock and Aharon, their father and THE High priest is just silent (see Chapter 10, verse 3).

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Personal Parsha: Emor. The Priest.

In this week’s Torah reading, the opening verse seems to contain double language: “Say to the priests and say to them…” Why is Moshe being told “say it” twice?

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Parsha Craft: Kedoshim. Friendship Bracelets.

One of the most famous commandments comes out of this week’s Torah reading: loving your neighbor as you do yourself. It may not be easy to always love everyone around you, but God seems to think that we can do it. This week we’re making friendship bracelets to embrace the idea of celebrating love and friendship.

Menu Madness: Metzora

Cedar and hyssop provide some culinary opportunities as well as discussion possibilities for this week’s Torah reading.

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Menu Madness: Behar

This week’s menu focuses on the concept and the foods associated with Jubilee.

Torah Treats: VaYikra

This week’s Torah reading is all about burning sacrifices until nothing is left but smoke.

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Torah Treats: Kedoshim

In this week’s Torah’s reading, we are asked not to glean the corners of our fields — including our vineyards.

TEN: Tzav

The priests receive their final instructions and are then anointed in front of all Bnei Yisrael.

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TEN: Shmini

This week’s Torah reading talks about the types of animals, fish and birds that are kosher and not kosher.

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TEN: Tazria

In this week’s Torah reading, we discuss an affliction called tzarat and learn the laws surrounding being contaminated.

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