TEN: Achrei Mot

This week we learn all about the service the high priest performs for Yom Kippur.

1. When can Aharon enter the holy sanctuary?

When there is a cloud over the Ark cover. (16:2)

2. Before Aharon gets dressed in his sacred clothes what must he do?

He must immerse himself in water. (16:4)

3. How many goats does Aharon bring to the Tent of Meeting?

Two. (16:7)

4. Why does Aharon draw lots for the two goats?

To decide which goat with go to God which to Azazel. (16:8)

5. What happens to the goat for Azazel?

Aharon places his hands on the goat’s head and confesses the sins of Israel and then sends it to the desert. (16:21-22)

6. When is Aharon supposed to do the service with the two goats?

On Yom Kippur, to cleanse the congregation of their sins. (16:29-30)

7. What is Yom Kippur compared to?

The Sabbath. (16:31)

8. What happens when one eats blood?

You will be excommunicated from the people of Israel. (17:10)

9. If blood of an animal spills what must you do?

Cover the blood with earth. (17:13)

10. What does God command us to follow?

Ordinances and statutes. (18:4)

TEN: Kedoshim

This week we get a crash course in holiness as God lays out His expectations on how we become a holy nation.

TEN: Behar

Once the Israelites enter the land of Israel, there will be a whole new set of laws waiting for them: how to treat the land.

TEN: BeChukotai

In the last Torah reading of the book of VaYikra, we are told of all the good that will come our way if we follow God’s laws. We are also warned of the punishments that will happen if we disobey. 

TableTalk: VaYikra

Open a Chumash to first pasuk of this week’s parsha, VaYikra. Do you see the letter alef at the end of the first word?

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TableTalk: Tazria

Is there ever a good time to gossip?

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TableTalk: Kedoshim

In this week’s Parsha, Kedoshim, we are commanded one of the most famous mitzvot in the Torah. In fact, Rabbi Akiva says this is the most important verse in the whole Torah? Do you know what it is?

TableTalk: Emor

What is the Omer anyway?

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TableTalk: Behar

Why are there special laws only in for the land of Israel? And have you ever heard of positive peer pressure?

TableTalk: BeChukotai

In this week’s Torah reading, the last topic in all of the book of VaYikra is that if one wants to make a donation to the Beit HaMikdash, he/she can donate his/her value in money to the Temple.