Haggadah Book Marks

The Seder can be very long for kids (and maybe even for adults!). Make your own bookmarks to help save your spot when you take cialis 20mg online a quick break.

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Pesach Giveaway: Makkot Manicures


Our friends at Midrash Manicures are giving away one set of Makkot nail decals!

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Pesach Giveaway: Golden Blossom Honey

Congratulations to Molly Pitcher, the winner a bottle of Golden Blossom Honey!

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Honey Almond Matzo Crunch Bark

Golden Blossom Honey helps make a great Pesach dessert!

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Pesach Giveaway: Afikomen Buttons

Congratulations to Marnie Camhi, winner of Afikomen Buttons giveaway!

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Purim Giveaway: Hamantashen from Lilly’s Bakery!

Just in time for Purim win a family package of Hamantashen from Lilly’s Bakery!

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Purim Giveaway: Win Three Books from Kar-Ben Publishing!

Write to me at devorah@challahcrumbs.com to be entered to win 3 Purim books from our friends at Kar-Ben Publishing.

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Word Search: Israel Edition

Israel has seen much innovation in its 63 years. From medicine to technology and agriculture, Israel is considered a world leader. Israel has won several noble piece prizes in many subjects including chemistry. Below is a select list of great innovations to come out of Israel. Google them all to learn about Israel’s incredible accomplishments.

Click the PDF icon below to DownloadWordSearch_Israel

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