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We’ve pulled together all of our Parsha coloring pages in one super user-friendly coloring book.

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Episode #11. Owning Your Feelings. The Case for Authenticity.

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It’s been a rough week in Israel. Today we talk about owning your feelings and embracing your authentic self.

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Episode #10. Light Your Candles.

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Our Chanuka episode where we talk about the types of candles we light and the types of messages they send.

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Marshmallow Dreidels

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They’re easy! They’re delicious! And kids love to make them. Happy Chanuka one and all.

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Podcast #9. Blackouts.

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This week I’m talking about how we label our kids, how we love our kids and our time in the blackout. 

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Podcast. Helicopter Parenting and Sick Bed Snuggles

It's been a long week in the Katz house -- so we're talking helicopter parenting and the joys of a good snuggle.    

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Podcast. The Bible’s First Dinner Party.

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This week we’re talking about the Bible’s first dinner party and how to make small moments memorable.

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Confronting the Unknown.

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In the week after the election, we’re talking about how to confront the unknown. And we’re talking about cake.

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Podcast. In Appreciation of Winners and Losers

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In the aftermath of the World Series, we look at the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Cubs along with Basketball with Jerusalem HaPoel, the Olympic Judo athlete Ori Sasson and, of course, Noah and his ark.

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The Perfect Kitchen Sink Soup

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Every time I make this soup, I get requests for more and for the recipe. It is the perfect soup to start off winter!

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Noah’s Giant Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies

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Giant Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies are a perfect dessert this weekend!

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