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Parshat Vayelech contains the last two commandments found in the Torah and they both relate to the Torah itself. The first is the mitzvah to gather the people together for a special reading of the Torah every seven years (Deuteronomy 31:10-13) and the second is the mitzvah for every person to write a Sefer Torah (Deuteronomy 31:19). Kids will love making their very own mini Sefer Torah!


1)    One skewer (broken in half) or two frilly toothpicks

2)    One piece of white paper

3)    Brown water color paint

4)    Four beads

5)    One piece of string

6)    Glue gun



1)    Print or write a short Hebrew phrase on a white piece of paper horizontally (see examples below). If your kids are old enough, let them write the Hebrew words themselves (maybe even with an ink and feather like a scribe!)

2)    Cut the paper so that it is two inches high and eleven inches wide.

3)    Paint over the letters with water colors so that the letters are still visible but the paper looks worn. Allow the paper to dry. (Alternatively, just use parchment-like paper)

4)    Glue the ends of the paper to the skewers or toothpicks. Glue on the four beads.

5)    Roll both ends of the scroll to the middle and tie with a string.

6)    Store your mini-Torah in a square jewelry box or a sachet bag.



Examples of Hebrew phrases:

1)    UBacharta Bechaim – Choose life (from this week’s parsha)

2)    Naaseh Venishma – We will do and we will say

3)    Shema Yisrael – Listen Israel



Emily Shapiro Katz has been a community Jewish educator for over ten years in Jerusalem, Atlanta, and San Francisco. She lives in Beer Sheva with her husband, Andy, and their four children. Her contributions to this website reflect her interest in teaching Tanach, doing craft projects, and entertaining her kids. Emily blogs about her Parsha Projects at