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In this week’s parsha, we have a tragedy that defies our understanding. After the week of orientation/inauguration for the tabernacle, the priests, Nadav and Avihu – Aharon’s sons – do something wrong (it is not clear whether they violated a rule, or just did something not commanded or overstepped their role) and God strikes them down. They die on the spot. Everyone’s in shock and Aharon, their father and THE High priest is just silent (see Chapter 10, verse 3).

Sometimes there is not an answer that we can formulate, and maybe even the question eludes us! Aharon could say nothing – no explanation, answer or understanding of this tragedy could be offered.

But, yet, he also did not scream, yell or accuse.

What do you think HE was thinking? Have you ever been speechless? About what? Do you sometimes feel like you have no grasp on something that has happened to you or around you? Have you ever wanted to ask a question or wanted to complain but knew you couldn’t? Do you think Aharon’s silence was positive or negative?

What do you think the Torah wants us to learn from Aharon here?