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In the past, I’ve found that picking one theme that follows us through Maggid really works well. I can focus pre-Pesach crafts and activities on one idea. For younger kids, we loved focusing on animals. Here are some of our ideas:

Animals are pretty important in the Pesach story. Aharaon turns his stick into a “tannin”, there are frogs, lice, wild animals. It’s a virtual zoo out there in Egypt and kids love it. Here are a couple of ways to bring animals to your seder this year:

  • Animal napkin rings. Amazon, Michaels or Oriental Trading have TONS of animal stickers (even wooden ones). Use those to seal each napkin ring.
  • Which animal am I? Prepare charades to be played during maggid. You can  write cards up before the seder or you can put different animal stickers on the bottom of your plates (or napkins) for your kids to discover.
  • Toilet paper frogs make a great centerpiece!
  • The dollar store is a great place to pick up plastic animals. I’ve hot glued animals together as an intricate (and slightly hilarious) centerpiece.
  • Here are 18 frog crafts that I’ll be trying over the next week or two.
  • Surprisingly, not a lot of lice crafts out there 🙂
  • In the spirit of one of our favorite books, “Diary of a Worm,” create a diary entry of one of the animals that was in Egypt. What was it like to live there? Create a day in the life.
  • Popsicle stick makkot. Using popsicle sticks, some paint, markers and googly eyes you can make a full set of Makkot animals. This is great for an interactive puppet theater and adds color and fun to the Seder table.