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In this week’s Torah reading, the last topic in all of the book of VaYikra is that if one wants to make a donation to the Beit HaMikdash, he/she can donate his/her value in money to the Temple.

The Torah actually goes on to give the exact worth of men and women at different ages (see Chapter 27).

What kind of idea is this? Why not just say “give a donation or some tzedakah to the Temple?”

Why would someone want to give their worth? Why might this be meaningful?

Today, what can we do to “give our worth” to God?

Think about how you can give “yourself” to God. Maybe by using your God-given talents to help others, or by serving as “a light unto the nations” or maybe by just deciding to dedicate some more of your time to exploring Jewish values and mitzvot.

How might you try to hold on to this special mitzvah today?