Podcast: Sukkot: Gas Tanks and Small Huts.

This week we look at new beginnings, small huts and how to spend forced quality family time.

Podcast. Celebrating the Little Things

There are BIG miracles and then there are the little ones, that we step past every day.

Glitter Glue Webs

It isn’t often when a craft is a sure-fire hit with boys, but here it is: glitter glue webs! Guaranteed to please. 

Rain Catcher

On the eighth day of Sukkot, we recite Tefillat Geshem, a prayer for rain. While that might seem a bit unnecessary in the States, Israel’s rainy season begins right around Sukkot.

Taking it Outdoors: The Sukkot Edition

This week we’re looking back at Yom Kippur, forward to Sukkot and the little Shabbat that connects them both.

Showing Appreciation this Sukkot

To me the holiday of Succot is all about appreciation. According to our Sages, eating in a Sukkah for 8 days demonstrates our faith in God and His benevolence. We show God that we are willing to leave the security of our homes and live under his protection. We let God know that we appreciate all He has done for us to sustain us everyday.

Ushpizin Coloring Page (click on page to print)


Thumbprint Ushpizin People

Adorable thumbprints help teach us about our Sukkot guest list!

Sukkot-themed Trivot

As with most crafts, it’s really all about what’s available in your crafts’ store. Luckily, Sukkot falls out near Thanksgiving so most stores are carrying fall-themed products. For this trivet, a little creative thinking can help!

Wonderful Word Search: Sukkot


Sukkot is a celebration of the harvest season in the land of Israel. Jews would live in huts in their fields as they were harvesting their crops. We also build Sukkot to remember the huts the Jews lived in while they were wandering through the desert. There are a number of different laws on how to build a Sukkah. For example, you cannot build a Sukkah under a tree and each Sukkah must have at least 2 and a half walls. (You may, however, build a Sukkah on a camel — just build it carefully!!!)

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