TableTalk: VaYishlach

This week we’re watching Jacob wrestle the angel and win! What comes next is a law against eating the sinew on a leg? We’re talking about how the two are connected.

TableTalk: Miketz

Here are two questions that can keep your table busy in between courses!

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TableTalk: VaYichi

This week we’re talking about the meaning behind blessings. 

TableTalk: Yitro

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Yitro, the Jewish nation comes to Mt. Sinai a few days before God is going to give them the Ten Commandments. Chapter 19, verse 2 states that “they encamped in front of the mountain”.

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TableTalk: Ki Tisa

For this week’s Table Talk, our topic is PEER PRESSURE.

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TableTalk: Pekudei


Sometimes even when we try our best, we need a helping hand.

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TableTalk: VaYikra

Open a Chumash to first pasuk of this week’s parsha, VaYikra. Do you see the letter alef at the end of the first word?

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TableTalk: Tazria

Is there ever a good time to gossip?

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TableTalk: Kedoshim

In this week’s Parsha, Kedoshim, we are commanded one of the most famous mitzvot in the Torah. In fact, Rabbi Akiva says this is the most important verse in the whole Torah? Do you know what it is?

TableTalk: Emor

What is the Omer anyway?

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