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This week we learn all about the service the high priest performs for Yom Kippur.

1. When can Aharon enter the holy sanctuary?

When there is a cloud over the Ark cover. (16:2)

2. Before Aharon gets dressed in his sacred clothes what must he do?

He must immerse himself in water. (16:4)

3. How many goats does Aharon bring to the Tent of Meeting?

Two. (16:7)

4. Why does Aharon draw lots for the two goats?

To decide which goat with go to God which to Azazel. (16:8)

5. What happens to the goat for Azazel?

Aharon places his hands on the goat’s head and confesses the sins of Israel and then sends it to the desert. (16:21-22)

6. When is Aharon supposed to do the service with the two goats?

On Yom Kippur, to cleanse the congregation of their sins. (16:29-30)

7. What is Yom Kippur compared to?

The Sabbath. (16:31)

8. What happens when one eats blood?

You will be excommunicated from the people of Israel. (17:10)

9. If blood of an animal spills what must you do?

Cover the blood with earth. (17:13)

10. What does God command us to follow?

Ordinances and statutes. (18:4)