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As Moshe’s time is winding down, he has some final words to say.

1. God is making a covenant with whom at the start of this week’s Torah reading?

Tribal heads, elders, officials, men of Israel, children, women, strangers in the camp – from the woodchopper to the water drawer. (29:9-10)

2. What does God warn Bnei Yisrael against?

Worshipping other Gods. (29:17)

3. What will happen to those who do worship other Gods?

They will be singled out for misfortune that will last for generations – plagues and diseases that will be inflicted on the land. (29:21-22)

4. What good will come if Bnei Yisrael does follow the word of God?

God will grant prosperity for you, your cattle and your land. (30:9)

5. How old is Moshe at the start of Parshat VaYelech?

120. (31:2)

6. Who will take over for Moshe?

Yehoshua Ben Nun (31:3)

7. What does Moshe instruct both Yehoshua and Bnei Yisrael?

Be strong and resolute. (31: 6-7)

8. Moshe wrote down the words of the Torah. Who did he give it to?

Moshe gave it to the priests, the sons of Levi. (31:9)

9. What did Moshe instruct the preists to do with the Torah?

Every seven years, on Succot, the Torah should be read aloud in front of all of Bnei Yisrael. (31:11)

10. What does Moshe write after listening to God in the Tent of Meeting?

Moshe writes a poem that he then recites to Bnei Yisrael. (31:30)