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In this week’s Torah reading, we discuss an affliction called tzarat and learn the laws surrounding being contaminated.

1. When a woman gives birth she must bring a sheep and a dove as an offering. What happens if the woman cannot afford a sheep?
She can bring two doves. (12:8)

2. What is the name of the affliction seen in this week’s portion?
Tzarat. (13:2)

3. Who checks to make sure someone is afflicted?
The Priests. (13:2)

4. What does it look like?
The hair turns white and the skin is a deeper color. (13:3)

5. If only some symptoms show what happens?
A 7- day quarantine (13:4)

6. What happens when someone is deemed contaminated?
Discard garments, hair is shaved, covered up with a cloak up to his lips. (13:45)

7. What does the person who is contaminated must do?
Call out – “contaminated, contaminated!” (13:45)

8. How long do they stay contaminated?
Until they no longer show symptoms

9. Where must the person live who is contaminated?
Outside the camp (13:46)

10. Can the affliction carry to the garments?
Yes. (13:47)