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Yosef grows from a young man in Canaan, where he was his father’s favorite to a slave and eventually a prisoner in Egypt.  

1. Why did Yosef’s brothers hate him so much?
They were jealous that Yaakov loved Yosef the best. (37:4)

2. How many dreams does Yosef share with his brothers?
Two. (37:5-9)

3. Where did Yosef go to meet his brothers?
Shechem. (37:12)

4. What were in Yosef’s dreams?
Sheaves of wheat, and 2 sun moon stars. (37:5-11)

5. What did the brothers first want to do to Yosef when they saw him from afar?
They wanted to kill Yosef. (37:18)

6. Who saved Yosef by suggesting putting him into a pit?
Reuven. (37:21-22)

7. Who rescued Yosef?
Midianites. (37:28)

8. Who was Yosef sold to in Egypt?
Potiphar (39:1)

9. Which of Pharoah’s servants did Yosef meet in prison?
The cupbearer and baker. (40:1)

10. When Yosef helps the cupbearer and baker interpret their dreams, who lives and who dies?
The cupbearer goes back to his job. The baker is killed.