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This is an exciting and sad week for Yaakov, while he is reunited with his long lost brother and has a birth of his final son, he also loses loved ones.

1.    How many men did Esav bring to meet Yaakov?

400 (32:7)

2.    Why did Yaakov divide his camp into two before meeting Esav?

Yaakov was afraid of meeting Esav. He thought is he made two camps if one was destroyed the other would be saved. (32:8-9)

3.    After dividing his camp into two, what two other things did Yaakov do to prepare for Esav’s arrival?

Yaakov prayed to God and then prepared a gift for Esav. (32:10-22)

4.    When Yaakov was wrestling, where was he hurt?

His hip. (32:26)

5.    What blessing did Yaakov receive after the fight?

His name was changed from Yaakov to Yisrael. (32:29)

6.    When the two brothers finally saw each other what did Esav do?

Ran towards Yaakov, hugged him, kissed him and cried. (33:4)

7.    What was the name of Leah’s daughter?

Dina (34:1)

8.    Which two brothers led the fight against Shechem?

Shimon and Levi. (34:25)

9.    Who was the twelfth son born to Yaakov?

Binyamin (35:16-18)

10.Which two relatives of Yaakov died in this portion?

Rachel, his wife (35:18) and Yitzchak, his father (35:29)