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TableTalk: Noah

In this week’s parsha, God saves Noah, after destroying the rest of the world with a flood.

Although God clearly thinks Noah is a worthy individual, it takes another 10 generations until God chooses Abraham, the person with whom He’d like to make a covenant to build a special nation.

Parsha Craft: Noah. Rainbow Necklaces.


This week’s parsha, Parshat Noach, has very colorful craft potential! After the devastating flood, God promises Noah that he will never destroy the world in this way again. As a sign of this covenant, He places a rainbow in the clouds. All rainbow-related crafts are great for this parsha. But, kids will especially love dyeing their own pasta, stringing it, and wearing it this week.

Minestrone and Bean Soup

Packed full of vegetables and beans, this is a filling and family-favorite soup.

Podcast: Sukkot: Gas Tanks and Small Huts.

This week we look at new beginnings, small huts and how to spend forced quality family time.

Podcast: Rosh HaShana: Looking Back with Joy

Introspection surrounding the holidays is often about our inequities and things we can improve upon. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on the good we’ve done?


Seven Ways To Help You Through Cooking for Rosh HaShana

With the holiday season about to hit, here’s all you need to be prepared. (I may be overstating things just a bit.)

A Rosh HaShana Apple Candy Bar

An adorable (and delicious) way to end your Rosh Hashana meal.

Rosh HaShana Centerpieces: Toilet Paper Roll Apples

Things have been a little apple-centric in our home these past few days. Here is yet another easy and fabulous apple craft. This one can be used as Rosh HaShana centerpieces or decoration.

Appletastic! Getting Ready for Rosh HaShana with a taste test


Looking for creative ways to start talking about Rosh HaShana? Look no further than our apple taste-off!