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Menu Madness: Beshalach

This weeks parashah includes the splitting of the Yam Suf, Red (Reed) Sea, Moshe’s and Bnei Yisrael’s glorious hymn of thanksgiving to God for the miracle, and God’s culinary plan for feeding Bnei Yisrael during their sojourn in the desert.

Torah Treats: Beshalach

This week’s Torah reading is full of drama with the Children of Israel finally leaving Egypt!

TableTalk: Beshalach


How should we react when our enemies are destroyed?

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Parsha Craft: Beshalach. Miriam’s Tambourine.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Beshalach (read on Shabbat Shira – the Shabbat of Song), Miriam, the sister of Moses, leads the women of Israel in song after crossing the Sea of Reeds. As it says in the Torah, “Miriam, the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women came out after her with timbrels and with dances.” This is a great opportunity to sing and dance with our kids and recreate the splitting of the sea.

Maze Magic: Beshalach


Help the tambourine find the music!

Bnei Yisrael leave Egypt with the Egyptians hot on their tails! As they cross the Red Sea, Miriam and the women begin to sing and dance celebrating their new-found freedom! Click the icon below to download a printer friendly version.

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Personal Parsha: Beshalach. Miriam

Imagine this: The Jewish people have just crossed the Red Sea and they’re singing with Moshe, as is recorded in this week’s Torah reading (Chapter 15). Then Miriam takes an instrument and begins to sing too. And all the women follow her and take their instruments and sing with her.

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TEN: Beshalach

The Jews finally leave Egypt, but their joy does not last long. Bnei Yisrael complain about the lack of water, the lack of food and even bemoan leaving Egypt!

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