Coloring Page for Parshat VaYigash (click on picture to print)


Torah Treats: VaYigash

This Shabbat, you can bring your own “money” to your table.

TEN: VaYigash

This week’s Torah portion gives us the much-anticipated reunion between Yosef and his brothers and ultimately, Yosef and his father, Yaakov.

Parsha Craft: Vayigash. Egyptian Mask.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Vayigash, Joseph dramatically reveals his true identity to his brothers.Until this point, the brothers did not recognize him because – according to the Midrash – he dressed in elaborate Egyptian clothes.

TableTalk: VaYigash

We’re looking at the power of  love and respect.

Wonderful Word Search: VaYigash

When Yaakov hears that Yosef is alive, he brings his entire family – children and grandchildren – down to Egypt to reunite with Yosef and wait out the famine. As shepherds, they require land for the cattle. Pharoah grants them the land and Jacob and his family settle there.

Maze Magic: VaYigash


After years of separation, Joseph finally reveals his identity to his brothers. The brothers return home to bring Jacob down to Egypt. Jacob and his family settle down in Egypt in the land of Goshen. Help Joseph reunite with his brothers!  Click on the icon below to download a print-friendly version.

Personal Parsha: Yosef. VaYigash.

After weeks of “keeping a secret,” Yosef can’t do it anymore! In this week’s parsha, Yosef (finally) reveals himself to his brothers.