Coloring Page: Parshat Bamidbar (Click on Picture to Print)

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Parsha Craft: Bamidbar. Twelve Tribes Flags.

This week’s parsha, Parshat Bamidbar, is the opening to a new book of the Torah called Bamidbar or Numbers. This parsha introduces us to the 12 tribes of Israel and their encampment in the desert. Each tribe had a flag in a distinctive color with their tribal symbol (for example, Judah’s symbol is a Lion; Dan’s is a scale, Benjamin’s is a wolf). This parsha provides a good opportunity to talk about how the Jewish community is made up of many different groups that each contribute in different ways.

Menu Madness: Bamidbar

Camping Gear: This week’s parashah begins with details about Bnei Yisrael’s travels in the desert.

TEN: Bamidbar

In the first Torah reading of the book of BaMidbar, God commands Moses to count the people of Israel and defines the special role of the tribe of Levites.

TableTalk: Bamidbar

Can a parent and a teacher share the job of raising a child?