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Wonderful Word Search: Balak

Balak asks Balaam to go and curse the Israelites who were considered a holy people. God tells Balaam not to curse them, but Balaam goes anyway. Once the way, an angel stops Balaam and Balaam’s donkey warns him as well against cursing the Israelites. Balam ignores the warnings and keeps on going. Each time Balaam tries to curse the Jews another blessing comes out. Balak is furious. Balaam tells Balak a prophecy of what is to come. Sadly, this week’s Torah reading ends with the Jews sinning.

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Maze Magic: Balak


Balak was the king of Moab, and he watched as the Jews conquered many other nations. Balak became scared and hired Balaam to put a curse on the Jews. Balaam was a prophet and knew he should not do this but he was excited by the wealth he was promised. His Donkey tried to warn him and finally when Balaam arrived to curse the Jews, a blessing came out instead!

Help Balam find his donkey!

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Parsha Craft: Balak. Donkey Paper Bag Puppet

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Balak, we meet the second (and final) talking animal in the Torah (the first being the snake in Eden). The Moabite prophet Balaam is sent to curse the Israelites and his donkey sees an angel in their path. When the donkey stops, Balaam strikes him. God opens the mouth of the donkey and he complains to Balaam about his maltreatment. Finally, Balaam’s eyes are opened to see the angel.

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TEN: Balak

In this week’s Torah reading, we are introduced to a King and a Prophet. The King, Balak, is desperate to curse the Israelites and sends the prophet, Balaam, to do just that. Balaam is repeatedly warned along the way not to curse the Israelites, but he chooses to go anyway. However, as hard as he tries to curse them, Balaam only manages to heap blessing on the Israelites.

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TableTalk: Balak

In Parshat Balak we learn about Bilaam, a famous non-Jewish prophet and sorcerer, and his eagerness to accept the job offered to him by Balak, king of Midyan, to curse the Jewish nation.

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