Parshat Bereshit Coloring Page (click on picture to print)


Wonderful Word Search: Bereshit


With such an exciting Torah reading this week, we’ve made a wordfind using the words from Parshat Bereshit. Try to find all ten Beresheet words! Click the picture to download our printer-friendly version.

Personal Parsha: Bereshit. Adam.

In this week’s parsha, Bereshit, we meet Adam HaRishon, the first human. He is given the beautiful Garden of Eden as a home, a wife to be his partner, and so many trees from which he can pick fruit. What a life!

Menu Madness: Bereshit

Bringing Parsha to your Table… one dish at a time

TEN: Bereshit

This week we see the creation of the world and of both man and woman. We watch Adam and Eve in their life in paradise and their eventual exile from the Garden of Eden.