Marshmallow Dreidels

They’re easy! They’re delicious! And kids love to make them. Happy Chanuka one and all.

Menora Craft and Activity

Chanukah always offers great craft possibilities but it only happens once a year! Thankfully, there are Torah portions, including this one, that describe the construction of the ancient Menorah that existed in the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and later in the Mikdash (Temple). The Menorah is an important and beautiful symbol that kids love to create and decorate using various medium. This week’s parsha is called Behaalotcha, which means “when you go up,” referring to Aaron’s “raising the lights” of the Menorah. In Parshat Terumah, the Menorah is described in great detail:

Make a menorah out of pure gold. The menorah shall be formed by hammering it. Its base, stem, and decorative cups, spheres and flowers must be hammered out of a single piece of gold. Six branches shall extend from its sides, three branches on one side of the menorah, and three branches on the other side. There shall be three embossed cups, as well as a sphere and a flower on each and every one of the branches. All six branches extending from the menorah’s stem must be the same in this respect. The shaft of the menorah shall have four embossed cups along with its spheres and flowers. A sphere shall serve as a base for each pair of branches extending from the shaft. This shall be true for all six branches extending from the stem of the menorah. The spheres and branches shall be an integral part of the menorah. They shall all be hammered out of a single piece of pure gold. Make seven lamps on the menorah. Its lamps shall be lit so that they shine primarily toward its center. The menorah’s wick tongs and ash scoops shall also be made out of

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Recycled Menorah

Use materials around your house to make this creative Chanukiah!

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Thank You Cards

As wonderful as it is to get gifts, it’s even more wonderful to say thanks!

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Personalized Thank You Cards

An easy and personal way to say thank you.

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Making Olive Oil

Here’s a great project to do at home before Chanukah!

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Make your own wrapping paper

With Chanukah rapidly approaching, we’re thinking about gift giving. With so much that can be recycled out there and with parents always looking for afternoon activities for their little ones, we’re looking at creative ways to make your own wrapping paper. Here are a few of our ideas. We’d love to hear some of your’s. Add them in the comment section below.

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Make your own Menorah

One template – so many options!

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Homemade Menorah

This easy to make Menorah can be made with things found around your house!

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Googly Eyes Chanuka

Nothing makes me happier than sticking googly eyes and magnetic tape on pretty much anything.

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