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Devorah Levine Katz is a mother of five. She has an MSW but has focused on education for the past decade. She has taught formally and informally and has developed curriculum for schools and summer camps. Her passion lies with making Judaism accessible and exciting for families everywhere.

Daphne Price is a wearer of many hats (literally!). She lives in the Modern Orthodox world and works for Reform Jewish Movement. When she’s not busy working, being a spouse and a mom of 2, she trains for races and spends time in the kitchen playing around with different recipes to make mealtime more exciting for her family. You can read some of her other blog posts on

Bracha Krohn is a mom of three living in Israel. She is Director of Guidance and faculty member at Midreshet Moriah in Jerusalem, a one year post-high school program for young women, and she teaches weekly for the Women’s Beit Midrash of Gush Etzion and spends her summers teaching in Camp Stone. “Table Talk” is based on the ideas she and her husband, also a Torah educator, discuss with their children around their weekly Shabbat table.

Kally Rubin Kislowicz lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a Masters in Social Work and Nonprofit Management, but these days she can be found socially working at home with her four children. Kally is excited to join the ChallahCrumbs team as she attempts to put a humorous spin on the day to day of family life.

Gary Levine has been involved in Jewish education in  the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Israel for more than forty years. He has worked in both formal and informal education, educational administration and curriculum development.  He currently lives in Jerusalem.

Shana Rotter is a young and talented graphic artist. A recent high school graduate, Shana loves all art: creating and observing, trying new techniques, pretty much anything and everything. Aspiring to be a children’s book editor, Shana lends her talents to ChallahCrumbs in the printables section. Check out more of Shana’s fabulous work at

Emily Shapiro Katz has been a community Jewish educator for over ten years in Jerusalem, Atlanta, and San Francisco.  This summer, she moved to Beer Sheva with her husband, Andy, and daughters Maya, age 5 and Avital, age 2. Her contributions to this website reflect her interest in teaching Tanach, doing craft projects, and entertaining her kids. Emily blogs about her Parsha Projects at

Natalie Blitt is a mom with two young sons who works in the world of children’s literature. She loves Jewish children’s books and blogs about them passionately. She shares some of that love here at ChallahCrumbs. You can read her blog at

Tammie Zaks Rapps is a mom of three living in Maryland. She is the Assistant Principal and teacher in an Elementary School. She is also the former editor of BabagaNewz teachers’ guides. Tammie spends much of her free time cooking up ways to bring the parashah to life at her family’s shabbat table.