Personal Parsha: Pekudei. Moshe

The tabernacle, mishkan, was worked on for a few months and dedicated on the first of Nissan. The last parsha in Shmot is read this Shabbat, and in it this big project is described – vessel by vessel.

Coloring Page for Parshat Pekudei (click on picture to print)

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Wonderful Word Search: Pekudai

Bezalel and Oholiab put a lot of work into building the mishkan! Using the donations from all of the Israelites, they have built the mishkan and all that goes inside. With Moses’ blessing, the mishkan will finally be put to use to serve God.

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Maze Magic: Pekudai


This week we watch as the building of the mishkan is finally completed. With Aaron and his sons anointed and dressed in their priestly garb, the work in the mishkan can begin. When God’s presence fills the mishkan, a cloud hangs over. Click the PDF icon below to download this weeks Maze.

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Menu Madness: Pekudai

Cloudy with a chance of pomegranates.

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TEN: Pekudei

With the Mishkan finally completed, we watch as it is brought to Moshe, set up, the priests are dressed and the cloud comes to rest above it.

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TableTalk: Pekudei


Sometimes even when we try our best, we need a helping hand.

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