Look What We Found From Egypt!

A creative way to retell the story of leaving Egypt! (or a really cool way to hide fun prizes!)

The Huge Pesach Sticker Find!

I’m loving this activity! Special thanks to Ilana Rosenbach Talitian who tossed this great idea my way! This enormous sticker board serves as a great Seder night activity!

Tie Dye Pillowcase

Recline in style at this year’s Pesach seder!

Egyptian Pyramids

Decorate your Seder table with an Egyptian pyramid. (This makes a great trivot!)

Spring is in the Air

Passover is known as the Springtime Holiday. Celebrate the spring season with these foam flowers.

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Pesach Placement Board Game

Add some fun to your Seder with this original board game!

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Matza Holder

Create your own Matzah holder using these simple materials!

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Matza Place Cards

Keep your Seder organized with these great place cards.

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Matza Background

Kids bring PLENTY of art work and words of Torah home for Passover. Mount them on the matza paper and display them around your Seder table!

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Hieroglyphic Place Cards

We all know that on Seder night we are supposed to experience what it was like to leave Egypt. We’re adding a little more Egyptian culture to our table by making hieroglyphic place cards for our family and guests! A special thanks to Pesha Fischer for this fantastic idea!

Hieroglyphic writing actually uses more than 2,000 different characters (a bit different than the 26 letters in our alphabet!)


Papyrus (or brown or cream colored cardboard)
Black Sharpie
Hieroglyphics cheat sheet


1. Cut your cardboard into ovals or small circles. These will be your place cards.

2. You can print up a hieroglyphic cheat sheet here:
Or go on-line to and type in your name. Your name in hieroglyphics will pop up!
3. Write each name in hieroglyphics on the place cards (you may want to write the person’s name in English on the back of each place card in case your guests aren’t well-versed in hieroglyphics!)

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