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We all know that on Seder night we are supposed to experience what it was like to leave Egypt. We’re adding a little more Egyptian culture to our table by making hieroglyphic place cards for our family and guests! A special thanks to Pesha Fischer for this fantastic idea!

Hieroglyphic writing actually uses more than 2,000 different characters (a bit different than the 26 letters in our alphabet!)


Papyrus (or brown or cream colored cardboard)
Black Sharpie
Hieroglyphics cheat sheet


1. Cut your cardboard into ovals or small circles. These will be your place cards.

2. You can print up a hieroglyphic cheat sheet here:
Or go on-line to and type in your name. Your name in hieroglyphics will pop up!
3. Write each name in hieroglyphics on the place cards (you may want to write the person’s name in English on the back of each place card in case your guests aren’t well-versed in hieroglyphics!)