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Maze Magic: Bo


Help the locust fly off to the Red Sea! Click the icon below to download a printer friendly version.

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Maze Magic: Shmot


Moses leaves Egypt and becomes a shepherd in Midyan. One day a sheep runs away and leaves Moses to a burning bush. There, God tells Moses of his destiny, to return to Egypt to save the Jewish people. Help the sheep lead Moses to the burning bush. Click the icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

Maze Magic: Chayei Sarah


Parshat Chayei Sarah begins with the death of Sarah and ends with death of Abraham. In between, Abraham buys the Cave of the Patriarchs and sends his servant on a journey back to Charan to find a bride for Isaac.

Maze Magic: Noah


God makes a rainbow as a sign that there will be no more floods that destroy earth. Help Noah and his ark find the rainbow! Click the PDF icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

Maze Magic: Shavuot


Shavuot celebrates the grain harvest of the summer and the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. During the time that the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) was built, farmers from all around Israel would bring the best of their fruits and produce to the Priests in the Beit HaMikdash.

Help the farmer find his fruit! Click on the fruit basket below.

Maze Magic: Emor


In this week’s Torah reading, we learn more about the menorah. We are commanded to keep it burning at all times and the Priest is directed to how to look after the flame.

This week help the flame find the menorah!
Click the Menora to download.

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Maze Magic: Rosh HaShana


Help the apple find its way to the honey for a Happy and Sweet New Year!

Click on the apple below to download the printable version.

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Maze Magic: Sukkot


Each day of Sukkot, we pick up a lulav and etrog and shake them, along with hadasim and aravot. We love to hear the branches make their noises and sway with each movement. We shake the lulav, etrog, hadasim and aravot in six directions: front, back, left, right, up and down. Help the Etrog find the lulav in this Sukkot maze.

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Maze Magic: Toldot


Help Esau find his way to the lentil stew! Esau came home form the field one day starving. Jacob agreed to give Esau some lentil soup only after Esau sold him his birthright. Esau agreed and sat down for a meal of bread and lentil soup! Click the icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

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Maze Magic: VaYetze


Help Jacob find his way to Laban’s house in Charan!

Jacob runs away from home after taking the blessing for the eldest son from his brother, Esau’s. Esau vows to kill his brother for stealing his blessing. Jacob sets off to Laban’s home to escape Esau’s anger.

Click the icon below to download a printer-friendly version.