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Maze Magic: Ki Tisa


The Israelites are afraid with Moses gone. With the help of Moses’ brother, Aaron, they built a golden calf. God is (understandably) quite angry and threatens to destroy everyone. With Moses’ intervention, the Israelites are saved and receive the two tablets. Click the PDF icon to download a printer-friendly version.

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Maze Magic: VaYakhel


Construction is underway! This week the Israelites finally begin to construct the tabernacle. In order to begin the work they need materials to build with.

Help gold jewellery turn into the cover of the ark.

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Maze Magic: VaYikrah


The Priests are the helpers of God and the Israelites, helping communicate with God. This week we see the Preists help people say sorry to God by bringing an offering. Help the Jews find the Priest!

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Maze Magic: Tzav


The priests are instructed to keep the fire on top of the altar lit at all times. In modern times, synagogues around the world have “flames” in their sanctuaries to remind us of the Ner Tamid, eternal flame, of the tabernacle.

This week help the Priest find the eternal flame!

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Maze Magic: Shmini


This week we learn about the laws of Kashruth. We find out which animals, birds and fish are considered kosher. This week help the fish with scales and fins find their way to the Jews.

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Maze Magic: Achrei Mot

In this week’s portion, we watch the High Priest get ready to perform the special Yom Kippur service.

Maze Magic: Kedoshim

This week we are taught how to be a holy nation.

Maze Magic: Behar


This week’s portion is all about the seven year cycle and letting the land rest, but it is coupled with the notion of protecting those less fortunate. We are even told outright that if someone needs a loan of money you may not charge them interest.

Help the hand put the money in the charity box this week!

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Maze Magic: BeChukotai


In this week’s Torah reading, we learn about our reward for listening to God. God tells us of the bounty we shall receive if we obey His commandments and the punishments we will endure if we do not follow His words.

This week help the rain find the fields!
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Maze Magic: Nasso


So much of this week’s Torah reading is dedicated to donations being given to the Tent of Meeting. Please help the leader of the tribe of Judah bring his silver bowl donation.

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