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Maze Magic: Beha’alotcha


This week we learn about life in the desert. A cloud hangs over the Tent of Meeting during the day and a pillar of fire hangs over the Tent of Meeting at night. It is used to help lead the way through the desert.

Help the cloud find its way to the top of the Tent of Meeting.
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Maze Magic: Shelach


This week the twelve spies are sent to the land of Israel to scout the land.The spies encounter sons of giants, and giant grapes, pomegranates and figs. They returned to the Israelites after 40 days and told them all they had seen, frightening the Israelites so badly they wanted to return to Egypt to be slaves! Two brave spies speak up and try to calm the fears of the Israelites.

Help the Spies find the giant grapes this week.

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Maze Magic: Balak


Balak was the king of Moab, and he watched as the Jews conquered many other nations. Balak became scared and hired Balaam to put a curse on the Jews. Balaam was a prophet and knew he should not do this but he was excited by the wealth he was promised. His Donkey tried to warn him and finally when Balaam arrived to curse the Jews, a blessing came out instead!

Help Balam find his donkey!

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Maze Magic: Ki Tavo


This week we see the children of Israel learn about the future they may face. Help them find the mountain that will lead them to many blessings!

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Maze Magic: Netzavim-VaYelech


This week we see Moses giving some final words of advice to the people of Israel. He is getting ready to end his time as the leader of Bnei Israel and hand over leadership to Yehoshua Ben Nun. In this week’s Torah reading, Moses hands the written Torah to the Priests to pass it on to the people to learn and to follow. Help Moses pass the torah to the Priests this week.

Maze Magic: Lech Lecha


In this week’s Torah reading, God promises Abraham that his descendants will be as many as the stars in the sky! Help Abraham find the star in this week’s Maze Magic.

Maze Magic: VaYera


This week Abraham is commanded to kill his son, Isaac. Moments before the deed is done, an angel appears and stops Abraham from sacrificing Isaac. Abraham looks up and sees a ram, which he then sacrifices. Click on the PDF to download a printer-friendly version.

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