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Menu Madness: Terumah

Feeling Cruv-y

Torah Treats: Terumah

This week’s parsha gives some pretty specific guidelines on how to build the ark that the Children of Israel had carried in the desert: wood, golden rings and golden poles as handles. We’ve made our own version for this week’s Torah treat!

TableTalk: Terumah

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Terumah, we learn all about the vessels and structure of the mishkan, the tabernacle. The Torah tells us that God commanded: “Make for me a mishkan, and I will then dwell in your midst.”

Maze Magic: Terumah


In this week’s portion, we see the Jews given the commandment to build the Tabernacle.  God wants to bring His presence closer to the Jews but still needs to create a separation between the people and the holiness of the Tabernacle.  Help the flames reach the Menorah in the Tabernacle! Click the Icon below to download a printer friendly version.

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Personal Parsha: Terumah. Fundraiser for the Mishkan

This week’s Torah reading is about the commandment to build the mishkan, the tabernacle, i.e. a sanctuary for God. How can God fit into a home? Clearly this is meant to be a symbolic representation of His dwelling in our midst. As the verse says quite clearly:

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TEN: Terumah

This week the Jews are told how to create a sanctuary for God to reside in.

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