Maze Magic: Shelach


This week the twelve spies are sent to the land of Israel to scout the land.The spies encounter sons of giants, and giant grapes, pomegranates and figs. They returned to the Israelites after 40 days and told them all they had seen, frightening the Israelites so badly they wanted to return to Egypt to be slaves! Two brave spies speak up and try to calm the fears of the Israelites.

Help the Spies find the giant grapes this week.

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Parsha Craft: Shelach. Israel Map Mosaic

In this week’s parsha, twelve spies go to investigate the Land of Israel (Canaan). Some of the riches of the Land are described in this week’s Parsha, including the famous expression that it is a “land flowing with milk and honey.” In this craft, kids will learn to recognize the basic map of Israel and will enjoy decorating the map using dried food products.

Torah Treats: Shelach

This week’s Torah portion talks about the spies who scouted out the Land of Israel. Upon their return, the spies reported that the grapes were so big that they required two people to carry them.

TEN: Shelach

Interested in livening up your Shabbat table? Challenge your kids to our weekly TEN. We’re asking ten questions from this week’s Torah reading. And, parents, fear not, answers are included.

TableTalk: Shelach

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Shlach, the Jewish nation lets their fears take over. They send spies to see the Land that G-d has been promising them since Avraham, but instead of using the visit to generate excitement and practical tactics for conquering the land, they focus on the enemies that are there and declare that “on second thought, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”