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Interested in livening up your Shabbat table? Challenge your kids to our weekly TEN. We’re asking ten questions from this week’s Torah reading. And, parents, fear not, answers are included.

We have also included the source in brackets if you want to look directly in the text.

1.      How many spies were sent to Israel?

Twelve. One man from each tribe (13:1-15).

2.      Why are the spies sent to Israel?

To scout out the land. The spies are sent to see what types of people live there, what type of land it is, what the soil looks like and to bring back some fruit (13:18-20).

3.       What LARGE creatures did the spies say they saw in Israel?

The children of Giants (13:28)

4.      Who were the two people from the Israelites that are allowed to enter Israel from this generation? Why them?

Calev because he was the only one to stand up for Israel (14:24) and Yehoshua (14:30).

5.      How many years must the tribes wander the desert and why?

40 years, one year for each day the spies were in Israel (14:33-34).

6.       What is the mitzvah that is connected with baking bread?

You must separate a piece of the dough and put it on the side to give         to God (15:20-21).

7.       What happens to a man who gathers wood on Shabbat

He is put to death by stoning (15:35).

8.       What is the name of the mitzvah of putting strings on the corners of your garments?

Tzizit (15:38).

9.       What is the name of the color that the Tzizit should be?

Techelet (15:38).

10.   Why do we wear tzizit?

To remember to do God’s commandments (15:39).