Coloring Page: Parshat Pinchas (click on the picture to print)

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TableTalk: Pinchas

In this week’s parsha we are inspired by the daughters of Tzlafchad.

TEN: Pinchas

Parshat Pinchas teaches us the significance of being significant – through our census and through our inheritance rights.

Torah Treats: Pinchas

This week’s Torah reading mentions “bikkurim” — first fruits.

Parsha Craft: Pinchas. Daughters of Tzelafchad Paper Doll Chains

In Parshat Pinchas, we meet the five daughters of Tzelafchad: Machlah, No’ah, Chaglah, Milkah and Tirtzah. When Tzelafchad dies, these daughters petition Moshe to grant them their father’s inheritance since he had no sons.