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Amazing Seder Table!

Loved this Seder table! My friend gave me the opportunity to stop cooking for a few minutes to see something truly amazing!
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    10 Awesome Things to Add to Your Seder Table this Year (hint: none of them are matza!)

10 Awesome Things to Add to Your Seder Table this Year (hint: none of them are matza!)

Seder is often a balancing act. You’re trying to keep your kids engaged while moving the seder along at a pace that even bubby would approve of. Try adding some of these great Seder props to your table. These are simple and cute ways to get your kids excited about the seder.

Fantastic Seder Ideas for Kids

As if there wasn’t enough pressure to clean the house for Pesach, to cook the food for Pesach and to host many many family members for the holiday, we’re also told that the Seder is created so that “the kids will ask.” Our real job as parents is to offer a seder that is child-friendly, interactive and creative. Here are some easy ways to get there:

9 Greatest Things to Become Kosher in the 21st Century

Our friends at have offered up the nine greatest things to have become kosher in the 21st century. Thanks Tzvi Levitin!

Pesach Giveaway: Makkot Manicures

  Our friends at Midrash Manicures are giving away one set of Makkot nail decals!

Pesach Giveaway: Golden Blossom Honey

Congratulations to Molly Pitcher, the winner a bottle of Golden Blossom Honey!

Pesach Granola

Thanks to Tamar Flank, our recipe winner, who has supplied us with granola for Pesach!

Pesach Brownies

One of the favorite parts of my job is hearing from readers. A quick email, tweet or meeting someone on the street keeps me happy. These brownies come from running into my friend Pesha Fischer at a park. She was so excited to have me try “real brownies.” And she was right! These are a Passover treasure!

Pesach Jam Bars

It’s always a joy to find a successful Pesach treat. 

Apple Fritters

These have been Pesach breakfast in our family for 50 years.