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On Sale Now: Our Parsha Coloring Book!

We’ve pulled together all of our Parsha coloring pages in one super user-friendly coloring book.

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Podcast. The Absolute Joy of Reading.

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With the first rain of the season, I talk about all things cozy and how to create a family of readers.

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Podcast. Celebrating the Little Things

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There are BIG miracles and then there are the little ones, that we step past every day.

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Minestrone and Bean Soup

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Packed full of vegetables and beans, this is a filling and family-favorite soup.

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Glitter Glue Webs

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It isn’t often when a craft is a sure-fire hit with boys, but here it is: glitter glue webs! Guaranteed to please. 

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Rain Catcher

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On the eighth day of Sukkot, we recite Tefillat Geshem, a prayer for rain. While that might seem a bit unnecessary in the States, Israel’s rainy season begins right around Sukkot.

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Taking it Outdoors: The Sukkot Edition

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This week we’re looking back at Yom Kippur, forward to Sukkot and the little Shabbat that connects them both.

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ChallahCrumbs’ Presents: The Book of Yonah and Lessons in Kindness

With the start of a new year, we're adding our very own podcast here at ChallahCrumbs! Today I'm talking about the book of Yonah and the messages of kindness throughout.

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Lego Apples

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Littlebinsforlittlehands.com has a great idea to enhance our Rosh HaShana tables. For the Lego lovers in your home, Lego apples!

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A Rosh HaShana Apple Candy Bar

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An adorable (and delicious) way to end your Rosh Hashana meal.

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Apple-Shaped Cupcakes

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Loved this idea for apple-shaped cupcakes from TipHero. 

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