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Lite Strawberry Smoothie

So much of what I make is “family friendly.” Rarely do I make something just to indulge myself. Enter this diet strawberry smoothie. It’s made with frozen strawberries (so you never have to worry if they are in season), fresca, sugar-free jello powder and ice.  When my kids see me break out the blender and the ingredients for this guilt-free treat, they know that it’s “Eemee time”, because of all of my special treats, this is one that I won’t share with them.

Parsha Craft: Matot. Cotton Ball Sheep

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Matot, we learn that the tribes of Reuven and Gad owned large flocks of sheep. They requested permission from Moshe to settle on the east bank of the Jordan River so that they would have more land for grazing. Initially, Moshe is angered by this request but they assure him that they would first help settle the Land of Israel before they returned east.

TableTalk: Pinchas

In this week’s parsha we are inspired by the daughters of Tzlafchad.

TEN: Pinchas

Parshat Pinchas teaches us the significance of being significant – through our census and through our inheritance rights.
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    Parsha Craft: Pinchas. Daughters of Tzelafchad Paper Doll Chains

Parsha Craft: Pinchas. Daughters of Tzelafchad Paper Doll Chains

In Parshat Pinchas, we meet the five daughters of Tzelafchad: Machlah, No’ah, Chaglah, Milkah and Tirtzah. When Tzelafchad dies, these daughters petition Moshe to grant them their father’s inheritance since he had no sons.

Torah Treats: Chukat

We’re recreating a famous Torah scene!

Parsha Craft: Chukat. Paper Plate Spiral Snakes

This week’s Parsha, Parshat Chukat, includes a very enigmatic episode:

The 411 on Corn

With sweet corn seemingly everywhere you turn these days, we’re showing you how make it best.

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It’s that time of year. Time to show appreciation to the educators in your life. Here are ten ideas from creative to unique to say thanks.