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On Sale Now: Our Parsha Coloring Book!

We’ve pulled together all of our Parsha coloring pages in one super user-friendly coloring book.

Travel Tips for Moses

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As Shavuot heads our way, I’ve been thinking about Moshe in the desert. It took him 40 years to travel an estimated 1400 miles to bring the Jews out of Egypt and lead them to the land of Israel. And while I’ve spent my fair share of time in Jewish Day School and understand the reverence we are supposed to have for our Jewish heroes and leaders, I truly believe I could have taught Moshe a thing or two about traveling with family.

Parsha Recipe: Har Sinai Cake – Yitro

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In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Yitro, we read about the monumental moment of the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. 

Coloring Page: Parshat Bamidbar (Click on Picture to Print)

Parsha Craft: Bamidbar. Twelve Tribes Flags.

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This week’s parsha, Parshat Bamidbar, is the opening to a new book of the Torah called Bamidbar or Numbers. This parsha introduces us to the 12 tribes of Israel and their encampment in the desert. Each tribe had a flag in a distinctive color with their tribal symbol (for example, Judah’s symbol is a Lion; Dan’s is a scale, Benjamin’s is a wolf). This parsha provides a good opportunity to talk about how the Jewish community is made up of many different groups that each contribute in different ways.

Grilled Cheese & Vegetable Wraps

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This wrap will make you rethink grilled cheese sandwiches forever!

Chocolate Cheese Cake

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It’s the perfect storm of flavor: chocolate and cheesecake. This easy crowd-pleaser should be on everyone’s Shavuot menu plan.

Giving Mom the Gift of Kindness

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From our Friends at Areyvut.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, as usual, you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for mom. You’ve gone through all the obvious choices: Cards, flowers, fancy soaps, chocolate…boring!

JADA’s Matzo Ball Soup

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JADA shares their secret to a  perfect chicken Matzo Ball Soup.

Giveaway: JADA Chicken Salt (Gluten free!)

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No gluten and no MSG but JADA chicken salt is full of flavor and we’re giving one away! Enter today by dropping us a line at Contest is open to US residents only.

Coloring Pages: Parshat Emor (click on the picture to print)