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Apple Caramel Fondue

This delicious snack will help get your kids ready to celebrate a sweet New Year!

Rosh HaShana Centerpieces: Toilet Paper Roll Apples

Things have been a little apple-centric in our home these past few days. Here is yet another easy and fabulous apple craft. This one can be used as Rosh HaShana centerpieces or decoration.
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    Appletastic! Getting Ready for Rosh HaShana with a taste test

Appletastic! Getting Ready for Rosh HaShana with a taste test

  Looking for creative ways to start talking about Rosh HaShana? Look no further than our apple taste-off!

Getting your kids to talk

My eight year old went to sleep away camp for two weeks this summer. He was crazy young and I felt moderately insane as I watched him board the bus, but even in that moment, I knew it would be the best decision for him. And it was. But here’s the thing. He didn’t tell me one thing about it. Not one letter, post card, quick note. I heard nothing. For two weeks (14 days which is roughly 336 hours) I had to rely on the camp’s website to fill me in.

Apple Stamps

A craft that appeals to parents and children alike. (Spoiler alert: wine may be involved)

Apple Prints

For the brave and for the lovers of paint, a new way to say Shana Tova.

Maccabeats Newest Video: Home

  For those of us who are always on the lookout for a great new video or clip for our kids, the latest Maccabeats video certainly doesn’t disappoint. A mashup of songs about home straddles the worlds of New York and Jerusalem. A great feel good video for kids and their parents.  

Parsha Craft: Ki Teitzei. No-Bake Bird’s Nest Cookies

Introduction: In this week’s parsha, Parsha Ki Tetze, there are over 70 mitzvot listed! One of the most interesting of the mitzvoth is referred to in Hebrew as “Shiluah Haken,” meaning “sending away the mother bird.” The text is as follows:

Parsha Craft: Shoftim. Handprint Trees

Introduction: In this week’s parsha, Parshat Shoftim, we learn that during a war, it is prohibited to destroy any of the city’s fruit-bearing trees. Included in this commandment is the famous expression (Deut. 20:19) [...]

TableTalk: Ekev

A blessing in disguise.