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Coloring Page for Parshat Tetzaveh (click on picture to print)

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Coloring Page Parshat Terumah (click on picture to print)

Menu Madness: Terumah

Feeling Cruv-y

Torah Treats: Terumah

This week’s parsha gives some pretty specific guidelines on how to build the ark that the Children of Israel had carried in the desert: wood, golden rings and golden poles as handles. We’ve made our own version for this week’s Torah treat!

TableTalk: Terumah

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Terumah, we learn all about the vessels and structure of the mishkan, the tabernacle. The Torah tells us that God commanded: “Make for me a mishkan, and I will then dwell in your midst.”

Coloring Page for Parshat Mishpatim

Menu Madness: Mishpatim

So, this week, the narrative party is over and being a Parashah Mom becomes a bit more complicated as parashat hashavua shifts to more legalistic discussions.

Torah Treats: Mishpatim

This week’s Torah reading, Parshat Mishpatim is full of all kinds of laws and their consequences.

TableTalk: Mishpatim

Why is kindness such an essential value to us?