WEEK 4: The Final Countdown to a Panic Free Pesach – A Checklist

Elana Kleinman, of EKOrganizing, offers her final words of wisdom leading into Pesach.

WEEK 3: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan.

As we inch closer to Pesach, Elana from is back to get us to the finish line.

Another Pesach Giveaway: A Pesach Bib!

I’m loving this giveaway season. Thanks to Gifts by Gita, we’re giving away one very adorable bib!

Pesach Word Cloud

This is one of the easiest ways to make a great Pesach Seder handout with your kids!

Chevruta Study at Seder

With so many different ages at the Seder, how do you focus on your kids?

Pesach: How to Raise Helpful and Respectful Children

This webinar was done for the OU two years ago, but the Pesach messages are timeless.

Pesach Theme: Animals.

In the past, I’ve found that picking one theme that follows us through Maggid really works well. I can focus pre-Pesach crafts and activities on one idea. For younger kids, we loved focusing on animals. Here are some of our ideas:

Make Seder Exciting for Kids!

Some great Seder hacks! In this video, I talk about how to make a kids’ friendly Seder table.

Haggadah Secrets for Kids

A short video on a cute Haggadah hack that’s been keep my kids happy for years!

WEEK 2: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan – A Checklist

Elana’s back with her No Panic Plan Checklist. Make sure to check out more of her wisdom at