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Coloring Page: Seder Plate

seder plate

Coloring Page: 10 Plagues.

10 hamakot1

Coloring Page: Eating Matza (click on picture to print)

פסח-דוב-1 4

Coloring Page: Baking Matza (click on picture to print)

פסח-דוב-1 3

Coloring Page: 18 Minute Clock (click on picture to print)

פסח-דוב-1 2

Giveaway for Educators!

We’ve teamed up with Passover Bingo this year and we’re offering three lucky classrooms the Passover Bingo Game! Drop me a note at with the name of your school/classroom and you can be entered to win! Giveaway ends Sunday, March 22nd.

How to Clean Your Stove Top

I don’t think the DIY mother who posted this video understood just how amazing her discovery would be. Happy Pesach cleaning! At least one part just got a lot easier!

Afikomen Presents

Afikomen is sort of the loot bag at the end of a Very Long party. Having lasted through the Seder, it seems to be the least we can do to offer up a gift in exchange for that mischievous piece of disappearing matza, the Afikomen. But it’s the gift, itself, that stumps me every year.

Fantastic Seder Ideas for Kids

As if there wasn’t enough pressure to clean the house for Pesach, to cook the food for Pesach and to host many many family members for the holiday, we’re also told that the Seder is created so that “the kids will ask.” Our real job as parents is to offer a seder that is child-friendly, interactive and creative. Here are some easy ways to get there: